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PADI Divemaster Course
The PADI Divemaster Course is a professional qualification offered in the PADI program. When you want to be a Scuba diving leader and take groups of divers out to the sea during dive trips, assist divers with common problem regarding equipment and problems they encounter underwater then enrolling into the PADI Divemaster Course is a must.
During this PADI course you will work together closely with one of our PADI instructors and learn diving leadership through classroom, independent study and practical training and stamina exercises. PADI Divemaster training establishes your leadership abilities and will qualify you to supervise Scuba diving activities and assist instructors with student divers.
An understanding of the physics, physiology, equipment and environment is an integral part of this training, as is a thorough working knowledge of the Recreational Dive Planner.
Course Pre-requisites
  • PADI Advanced Open Water And PADI Rescue Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another training organisation);
  • Evaluate and sign the PADI Diver statement;
  • Minimum 60 logged dives;
  • Be 18 years of age or older to begin the progra
A Certified PADI Divemaster Is Qualified To
  • Work at local dive centers, on live-aboard dive boats, yachts and at exotic resort locations;
  • Assist PADI Instructors with Scuba diving students;
  • Lead PADI Scuba Divers on guided dive trips;
  • Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers;
  • Teach PADI Discover Snorkeling programs;
  • Conduct PADI Scuba Review programs for certified divers;
  • Lead certified divers on Discover Local Diving experiences.
PADI Assistant Instructor course
The PADI Assistant Instructor course is the first portion of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). You'll not only gain additional experience as a PADI Professional but you'll also start learning the PADI System of diver education.
What can PADI Assistant Instructors do?
  • Teach academic presentations under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor
  • Evaluate Open Water Diver surface skills under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor
  • Teach the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course
  • Teach Project AWARE Specialty courses
  • Conduct PADI Discover Scuba experiences
  • Teach Emergency First Response after successful completion of an Emergency First Response Instructor course
What will I need to start?
  • PADI Divemaster rating or qualifying certification from another certification organization
  • At least 18 years old
  • Have 60 logged dives, including night, deep, and navigation dives
  • Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months
What will I do?
  • Knowledge development through self-study, quizzes, lectures and presentations
  • Confined water skill review and assessment, workshops and presentations
  • Open water workshops, rescue assessment and candidate presentations
How long will it take?
  • The course can vary from as little as three days to more than two weeks
  • The Assistant Instructor portion is the 1st component of the PADI Instructor Development Course and builds upon Divemaster training. 
  • The Assistant Instructor course is a 5-day program that introduces you to the role of an instructional assistant, both in academic teaching and in confined & open water training.  As an Assistant Instructor you immediately improve your employability within the dive industry and increase your earnings potential. 
This program credits towards the PADI Instructor Development Course and allows you to gain experience as an instructional assistant before deciding to commit to the IDC.   The Assistant Instructor course can be conducted as part of the PADI IDC or as a stand-alone program. 
After certification many of our PADI Assistant Instructors go on to work closely with our Instructors, and gain practical real world teaching experience, plus get paid for it!!!!
PADI Emergency First Response Instructor course
What can I do?
As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you can conduct Emergency First Response Primary (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid) courses.  The PADI EFR Instructor course is also open to non-divers, so EFR Instructors can offer CPR/1st aid and secondary care training to family, friends and work colleagues.
What do I need to start?
Emergency First Response certification or qualifying certification from another certification organization
What will I do?
You’ll learn how to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid) courses. You’ll also learn to conduct the recommended Automated External Defibrillator (AED), emergency oxygen and conscious choking management skills.
How long will it take?
The PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Course with 'Care for Children' takes approximately twelve hours.
This 2-day course trains you to conduct and certify divers in the Emergency First Response program and ‘Care for Children’ program.   The course teaches you how to conduct both primary and secondary care options including oxygen providing and ‘automated external defibrillator’ orientation including first aid for children and is an asset for any one who works with infants and children.  This rating is an essential credential for every dive Instructor in order to independently certify Rescue Divers and meet prerequisites other PADI professional levels of training.  PADI Divemasters and Assistant Instructors are also able to undergo EFR Instructor training and independently issue EFR certifications.
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).
To qualify for training as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you must:
  • Hold a PADI Assistant Instructor certification or be an instructor in good standing with another training organization for at least six months (check with a PADI Course Director or PADI Office for qualifying credentials.)
  • Hold a dive certification for at least six months
  • Have 60 logged dives that include night, deep and navigation dives
  • Proof of CPR training within the last 24 months
  • Medical clearance signed by a physician
  • Want a fun and exciting career!
Need a refresher on those essential PADI skills? Then take our IDC Prep Course. You’ll review the entire theory exam modules of physics, physiology, skills & environment, the RDP and Wheel, and equipment. Also included in the 2-day programme is a review of the PADI confined water skill circuit and the rescue scenario.
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
You tell your students to aim for PADI Master Scuba Diver. You also want to tell them that you can take them all the way there because you're a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. The Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating sets you apart from other dive instructors by showing your commitment to continuing your dive training and being prepared to help others continue their training as well.
You're a new instructor? Just finished the IE? No problem. Talk to us here at Simply Diving GO PRO Spain for PADI Specialty Instructor Training and the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep Course.
To qualify as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, you must be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with five PADI Specialty Instructor certifications, and you must have certified at least 25 PADI Divers. As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, you:
  • Teach what you love to teach
  • Enjoy watching your student divers excel as you lead them from PADI Open Water Diver to PADI Master Scuba Diver
  • Increase your income with multiple level training
  • Meet one of the requirements to qualify as a PADI Master Instructor